G’day folks. John, otherwise known as tennisguy, here. Originally from Chicago, but have lived in Denver since 1974. Still a Bears and Cubs fan, though. Got the blogging bug about six years ago this coming summer. Had done freelance sports writing, mostly about baseball, for a number of years, but began to see print assignments start to dry up. Read an article about blogging and saw it was the wave of the future. Jumped on the bandwagon shortly thereafter. Orange Deuce is an outgrowth of my first blog, Boomertime, which was originally supposed to be about baby boomers, then politics and finally baseball. After a short run with baseball and the Colorado Rockies magical ride to the 2007 World Series, I shifted focus to tennis. Been a player and fan ever since the 1970s. Strangely enough, I never changed the name of the blog. Can’t tell you why. Plan to continue my emphasis on men’s professional tennis. But for me, that runs the gamut from ITF Futures to the ATP World Tour. Stories abound everywhere in tennis. Hope to find them and bring some of them to you in Orange Deuce. Feel free to get in touch. I welcome comment and opinion.