Boomertime on the BALCO Bombardier

by John on July 26, 2007

The sullen lout is about to break Hank Aaron’s record. It could happen any night now. Until yesterday, I wondered where Bud Selig would be with Barry Bonds on the cusp of the record and at home in San Francisco for seven games. Now we know. MLB’s commissioner will attend Bonds’ games this week, as he stated, “to observe his potential tying and breaking of the home run record.” Bud never really knows what to do. At least he has an out on the weekend with his commitment to the Hall of Fame ceremonies in Cooperstown. Selig’s handling of the whole steroids mess has been disappointing. It’s made him look like a spineless wimp and discredited the game of baseball. I suspect the commissioner thought (certainly he was hoping) Bonds’ quest for 756 would go away. That the surly slugger’s body would break down and he would never reach Aaron’s watershed mark. Or that some breaking news on the legal front would make any judgement by the commissioner a slam dunk. Didn’t happen, Bud “No Cajones” Selig. You’ve been MIA far too long now. While you and your cohorts were frozen with indecision, steroid use flourished and astronomical power numbers were put up which have made a mockery of the record book. Doing nothing has given some sense of legitimacy to all this, but the public hasn’t been completely fooled. Last week’s AP-Ipsos poll bears witness. Just 40 percent of fans nationwide want Bonds to set the record. I wonder why that is. You dropped the ball, Bud. I was watching Sunday Night Baseball the other night and listening to Jon Miller, Joe Morgan and Peter Gammons, three of the most astute and perceptive broadcasters in the baseball business. Guys I really respect. It pained me to hear them act as apologists for MLB and Bonds. Allegations haven’t been proven, yada yada yada. Sure, nothing has been decided in a court of law, but come on, does anybody with knowledge of what goes on inside the game, think Bonds is clean. I would have preferred that Miller, Morgan and Gammons said nothing. But, then, they were put in this box jam because of the commissioner’s inaction. So, let’s get ready for the Big BALCO Blast and watch all the hoopla surrounding No. 756. Don’t forget what it really means, though. Tainted record. Plain and simple. Perhaps the six month extension of the grand jury investigating Bonds for perjury will bring justice in the end. Even then, an asterisk is probably the best we can hope for.

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nebhusker July 28, 2007 at 12:26 am

It is a shame that baseball and other sports have turned into games where people cheat just to prove themselves as athletes by using steroids. Play the game fair whatever it may be, basketball, baseball, NO STEROIDS, NO ENHANCERS!! It is not like they need to prove themselves to get more money, they certainly have enough money as it is. What happened to the old days when sports were played more for fun rather than for all this money and recognition.


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