Colorado Rockies Done Four

by John on October 29, 2007

The sun came up this morning in Colorado. It even had kind of a red tinge to it. Wonder if that had anything to do with Red Sox Nation? Tomorrow the newspaper should start arriving by 6:00 again. No more 20-page World Series multi-color special sports sections delaying production and delivery the next morning. Some sense of normalcy should return to the Queen City of the Plains. More sleep and less beer now. Rocktober is over even though there’s three days left in October. The Refuse To Lose Tour ended six days ago. Hope died last night at 10:05. The Colorado Rockies were swept by the World Champion Boston Red Sox. It was Boston’s second World Series title in four years. “I think this is a better team than Boston’s,” said Rockies owner Charlie Monfort. “How did we win 21 out of 22? We got the breaks. And I think they got the breaks. Are they a better team? I don’t think so.”  Sorry, Charlie. You’re wrong. The Boston Red Sox are the better team.  Plain and simple fact. No debate. It sure was a fun ride, though. Several weeks ago, I did the math and figured if the Rox ran the table they would finish on a 25-1 run. At the time anything seemed possible. The juggernaut appeared invincible. Reality smacked the Rockies in the face last Wednesday, though, in a 13-1 rout at Fenway Park. It was a blow that left Colorado reeling and unable to recover. Some say it was the eight-day layoff that caused the Rockies to lose their mojo. I say it was the Red Sox. Think I’ll have some New England clam chowder for lunch today in honor of the Boys From Beantown.

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