Colorado Rockies Win National League Wild Card

by John on September 12, 2007

Only if they pull the plug on the Humidor. Dinger, what are you doing tonight or tomorrow night? Make yourself useful, Bud. The Rockies (75-69) and tied for 3rd in the National League West with 18 games to go, are scuffling along down the stretch, a team held together with duct tape and baling wire. With a pitching staff decimated by injuries (three-fifths of the starting rotation on the shelf for the season), its center fielder and second baseman Day-to-Day with leg problems, Colorado needs to unleash, arguably, the best offense in the N.L. for the final 10 home games of the season. Let the Blake Street Boys bash again. Suspicion has it that that’s what happened last September when gargantuan numbers (nearly 17 runs and over 3 home runs per game) reminded fans of pre-Humidor days at Coors Field. Sheesh, and nothing was on the line then, a last-place club playing out the string. Going into tonight’s tilt at Philadelphia, the Rox are a game behind the Phillies and 3 1/2 behind the Padres in the N.L. Wild-Card race. With the Humidor dismantled (accidentally unplugged, kaput because of a blown fuse or some other innocent chicanery), the Rox could hit their way to eight wins in the last 10 games at a suddenly-reprised Coors Canaveral. Go 4-4 on the road, and the Patchwork Purple probably plays in October. An 87-75 record should be good enough for a Wild-Card ticket. Ya think? If nothing else, nationally-snubbed Matt Holliday, could pad his batting average and RBI total, win two-thirds of the Triple Crown, and bag a well-deserved N.L. MVP award.

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