Rocktober 10 and Eight Wins To Go

by John on October 10, 2007

Out in Colorado withdrawal is setting in. Today marks the 4th straight day devoid of a Rockies game. The locals are getting restless and can’t wait until tomorrow night’s opening game of the National League Championship Series in Phoenix. Coloradans, for the past three weeks, have been experiencing an incredible rush of excitement the likes of which haven’t been felt since the Broncos back-to-back Super Bowl victories in 1998-99. Seventeen wins in the last 18 games can do that to baseball fans starved for postseason play since 1995. Denver has always been a football town, but the Rockies may be changing that, especially the way the Broncos have been playing lately. Fans broke out into a “Let’s go, Rockies!” cheer at Invesco Field Sunday as the Broncos fell hopelessly behind the San Diego Chargers in a 41-3 loss. No one wants the roller coaster to stop. Not even for a day. Momentum is too precious. There are two questions, though.  Is it just a miracle run or are the Rockies really a juggernaut that can’t be stopped? If it’s the former, then, when are the wheels going to come off? If it’s the latter, the possibilities include a 25-1 finish or a worst case scenario 25-7, with a World Championship all the same. For ex-Rockie Eric Young there are some doubts. “They’re asking a lot from their young pitching,” he said. “You tend to think it’s going to catch up with them eventually. But hey, Philly is a good offensive team and they shut them down.” Colorado slugger Matt Holliday pays little attention to the opinions of the skeptics and the Doubting Thomases. “We don’t really care what people outside this locker room think,” he said. “We just go out and play the game, play it hard, and play winning baseball. It’s been a winning formula.” Bring on the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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